Potential Rainbow Grants scam – don’t be a victim!

Last year, Community One Foundation was alerted that someone was trying to obtain personal information from Facebook users using the name ‘Rainbow Grants’.

Through further investigation, we believed the page to be a scam and reported it to Facebook, who shut it down shortly after.

We’ve recently received some messages from concerned individuals who claim to have been contacted by someone in a similar fashion. We are currently investigating.

How to spot a scam – know the facts:

  • Community One will NEVER contact you via social media to inform you of receiving a grant
  • Rainbow Grants must be applied for through a formal application process
  • only LGBTTIQQ2S initiatives in the Greater Toronto Area are eligible for Rainbow Grants


If you have been contacted by someone claiming you are to receive a Rainbow Grant, please contact us immediately with the following details:

  • name of the individual/organization who contacted you (a link to their website/profile, if possible)
  • day and time they contacted you
  • method of contact (email? Private Facebook message? Posted on your Facebook wall?)
  • content of the message


We greatly appreciate any information you can send us, and will work to shut down any fraudulent use of our programs and logos.