QTBIPOCSA Youth Abilities: 2022 Rainbow Grants Recipient

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FOUNDATION GRANT (available for up to $7,500 and are open to registered charities or groups trusteed by a registered charity)

Spearheaded by Rainbows Pride in Scarborough, QTBIPOCSA Youth Abilities will create a safe environment for QTBIPOC multicultural youth with intellectual, physical and developmental abilities to learn heritage through workshops, and allow each member to learn their own ancestry & culture. The group will create an art mural to use going forward – a shield of power.

QTBIPOCSA Youth Abilities seeks to bring visibility to QTBIPOC multicultural individuals with physical, intellectual and developmental abilities who face homophobia, transphobia, ableism and sexism, racism in accessing services/support. This group will bring youth QTBIPOC members together in a safer group environment and offer history/heritage workshops from community artist members. These workshops will support members to learn their own heritage and about their ancestors, and will support them to claim their own voices and be proud to be part of their own history and the QTBIPOC community. This project will allow participants to work together as a team, give each member a chance to express themselves and increase self-confidence and sense of belonging. Finally, participants will use their creative skills to work together to create a history/heritage art mural to use going forward in the drop-in group – a shield of power.