Making the most of the 2016 holiday giving season

Dear Friend,

As we reflect on recent world events and plan for the upcoming holiday season, we find ourselves feeling grateful. Grateful to live in a progressive nation and a vibrant city that embraces LGBTTIQQ2S people. Fortunate to be in a position to affect meaningful change in our community. And blessed with an incredible network of friends and supporters who join with us to do this good work.



On November 19, we had the wonderful opportunity to come together with community members and allies at our annual fundraising gala. It was a memorable and moving night during which we awarded the Steinert & Ferreiro Award – Canada’s largest single cash award in recognition of leadership in the LGBTTIQQ2S community – to Toronto-based advocate Doug Kerr. Doug is an exemplary leader whose commitment to volunteerism, social activism and collaboration has driven change across a multitude of initiatives in Toronto and globally. We are thrilled that the event was sold-out, with over 250 people joining us at Toronto’s award-winning Integral House to give their support.


Though we have much to feel proud of and to be grateful for, we must continue to work to strengthen our community, to embolden storytellers, enable activists and inspire thinkers. The need for powerful and visionary voices is as important as ever.

Community One Foundation works hard to identify individuals and organizations that are making measurable differences in the lives of LGBTTIQQ2S people, and to provide them with vital resources. But we can’t do it without your help.

Please continue your support of Community One Foundation today.

When you give to Community One, you support many organizations that are working for our equal rights and meeting the multitude of critical community needs. Your donation – whether $5 or $5000 – makes an immediate impact on the lives of GTA community members.

Demonstrate your commitment to inclusion, empowerment and equality: join us in making a gift today.


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Terrance Greene,                   Kevin Ormsby,
Board Co-Chair                      Board Co-Chair

P.S. Please include Community One in your holiday giving. Make a gift before December 31 to receive a 2016 tax receipt.