k’taab | ASL Transformative Justice Bookclub: 2022 Rainbow Grants Recipient

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GENERAL GRANT (available for up to $1,500 and are open to groups or individuals without charitable status.)

k’taab is a contributory act towards the advancement of groups that experience exclusion and targeting. A QTBIPOC-led initiative, the ASL Transformative Justice Bookclub will allow for events to take place across the GTA (and eventually wider) to educate various audiences about ongoing exclusion and targeting.

k’taab is part of a larger equity proposal that one of the project creators is currently developing. The proposal is a holistic plan to address multiple forms of oppression in the interpreting field, including the oppression of QTBIPOC. The proposal is multi-tiered – k’taab falls under one of these tiers, called “Project Offset”.

The proposal will be presented to the provincial interpreting association in Ontario, recommending a mass overhaul and audit of inequity issues and practices within the field: something that unfortunately has not been done on any significant scale. Part of the proposal includes recommendations for implementing systemic changes and building new ones to address inequities. There are multiple activities to achieve transformation and liberation within these communities and fields, and as mentioned, this book club is part of Project Offset. Offset is about recalibration and reclamation, through hosting activities that are lighter and celebratory to counter the loss and theft of cultures, with a focus on relationship building, led by those who are disenfranchised. Offset is about counterbalancing: inserting perspectives and actions, while most importantly placing people into places where they have been historically pushed out.