Getting to Know You! Kevin Borden, Community One Board Member

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing interviews with the members of our fantastic volunteer board. First up, get to know board member at large and chair of our Steinert & Ferreiro Award selection committee, Kevin Borden!

How did you first learn of Community One?

I was introduced to C1 through our past Co Chair Kevin Ormbsy

Why is Community One important to you?

C1 is important to me because of the history in the community. I was a donor when it was the Appeal back a lot of years ago. Then I sort of lost track of them after the name change to Community One.  The far reach C1 has with the community is something I am proud to be a part of. When I see how C1 supports local teams, groups, agencies and more it warms my heart. The support of some of these projects would never see the light of day if it was not for the contributions of Community One.

Do you have a favourite memory/initiative with Community One?

One of my favorite memories is a recent one. When we came up with the 2020 Drag fund to support local drag artists during the early stages of Covid 19. This fund gave money directly to drag performers who lost all of their income with a snap of a finger due to Covid. Most if not all recipients of the Drag Fund have at one time or another have supported C1 over the years. It just felt right to support them in their time of need. As a long-standing member of the community I knew a lot of the drag artists personally and saw the gratitude they had for receiving the cash.

As Community One is a volunteer board, what other roles do you take on in your time?

Besides volunteering for C1, I also sit on the Trustee board of the Bill 7 Awards. this is also a volunteer board where we provide scholarships to post-secondary students that identify as members of the LGBTQQ2S+ community. I am officially retired but still (well, before the pandemic) do some contract work occasionally.

What do you want people to know about Community One Foundation?

I would like for people to know about all the good work C1 does in the community and has been doing it for 41 years. We can always use your support as a donor or volunteer. The work we do is extremely rewarding and a great way to give back to a community that has done so much for all of us