Getting to Know You! Christopher Nkambwe Community One Foundation Board Member

Our interview series returns to help you get to know the very special people who make up our Community One Foundation board! Over the next few weeks, be sure to check this space to learn more about our newest members and how they’re contributing to the many missions of Community One Foundation. This week, meet the accomplished Christopher Nkambwe!

1. How did you first learn of Community One?
I first learned about Community One Foundation through a call for nominations for the Steinert and Ferreiro Award in 2020 through Facebook.

2. What is your role and for long have you been involved?
I am a new volunteer Board Member at the Community One Foundation and I have been involved for 6 months now.

3. Why is Community One important to you? Community One is important to me because they offer grants through their Rainbow Grants. These allow grass root organizations to take off by implementing their projects, which gives visibility to both the implementing Organization and C1 as an organization.

Community One Foundation is also important to me because, as a foundation, they have the Steinert and Ferreiro award which recognizes the unsung heroes in the community, especially in the Greater Toronto Areas who do an amazing job in promoting the visibility of the LGBTIQ community through the different initiatives they do.

4. Do you have a favourite memory/initiative with Community One? Feel free to elaborate! 
My favourite memory with Community One was when my fellow board members Andrew Mainprize and Kevin Borden announced me as the winner of the Steinert and Ferreiro Award 2020 at the CGLCC Black and White Gala, the 15th winner of the Largest LGBTIQ award in Canada plus the $10,000 cash prize.

5. As Community One is a volunteer board, what other roles do you take on in your time?
Besides being a volunteer board member at C1, I am the founder and Executive Director of The African Centre for Refugees in Ontario-Canada which is a fully registered charity organization that supports vulnerable LGBTIQ refugees and other people with humanitarian assistance right from the time they enter the country until we integrate them into the Canadian setting (

6. What do you want people to know about Community One Foundation?

I would want people to know that Community one Foundation is an all-inclusive organization that gives chance to people like me (newcomer) to work with them in such a sensitive position as a volunteer Board Member.