From Bigotry to Bollywood: 2SLGBTQ+ Stories in Motion: 2022 Rainbow Grants Recipient

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FOUNDATION GRANT (available for up to $7,500 and are open to registered charities or groups trusteed by a registered charity)

From Bigotry to Bollywood: 2SLGBTQ+ Stories in Motion is an initiative put together by monstrARTity Creative Community. Five South Asian 2SLGBTQ+ artists will work with fifteen 2SLGBTQ+ seniors to create five original dances that tell stories of their lived experiences. These pieces will be then be performed at #BollywoodMonster Mashup, the largest South Asian festival in Canada.

Fifteen 2SLGBTQ+ seniors of colour will be guided to work through traumas from their youth by participating in art-based therapy sessions. During the process, they’ll collaborate with younger South Asian 2SLGBTQ+ artists to create original dance pieces based on their stories; this will help them form intergenerational connections.

The five South Asian 2SLGBTQ+ artists will then perform the pieces at #BollywoodMonster Mashup, the largest South Asian festival in Canada. This will help them gain exposure to new audiences. It will also validate their work by including and showcasing them on a large platform to a community where they haven’t historically always been welcomed. 

Born in 2011, monstrARTity is a Mississauga-based incorporated not-for-profit organization filling systemic cultural and economic gaps in underserved diverse communities via festivals, interactive workshops for youth & seniors, artist mentorship and youth employment programs.