DAO – Trans Community Outreach: 2022 Rainbow Grants Recipient

Over the coming weeks we’re sharing the 39 stories of our 2022 Rainbow Grants recipients! All of these deserving projects are receiving critical grant funding as a result of your generous donations to Community One Foundation. Read more and support these projects where you can! If you’d like to see more work like this supported in our community, please consider donating to Community One!

FOUNDATION GRANT (available for up to $7,500 and are open to registered charities or groups trusteed by a registered charity)

Durham Alliance Outreach are focusing on the Trans community’s mental health and support. This will be done through ongoing group support/presentations/education and access to private counselling services. Including access to FTM garments to ease Body Dysphoria Syndrome.

Their project goals are to continue to remove barriers of the Durham Region Trans Community by expanding on previous programs. This will be accomplished by providing new resources in the form of private counselling services, trans group gatherings and a new clothing exchange program. Many of the Trans Community now face mental health stressors while working through the transition/name-change process. Having access to dedicated and private counselling services for those experiencing extra mental health anxiety and stressors is critical in the transition process.

DAO is seeing an even more stressful condition called Body Dysphoria Syndrome. They intend to provide direct and private counselling services along with group sessions for individuals to aid in the aforementioned mental health conditions. They also intend to launch a clothing exchange program called DAO Closet. This program will provide no-cost access to clothing that matches the intended gender. DAO’s research has uncovered that many transgendered people regularly face embarrassment and judgement when shopping at traditional outlets in the region. Their program will facilitate an in-house area where those interested can browse a selection of clothing. Offering a gender-neutral area without requesting access will also eliminate some of the stigma and stress in shopping for clothing.  They also intend to help individuals that require Gender Binders. Providing access to FTM binders will eliminate some of the unsafe methods utilized when Trans people are unable to afford proper garments.