Bricks & Glitter 2022: 2022 Rainbow Grants Recipient

Over the coming weeks we’re sharing the 39 stories of our 2022 Rainbow Grants recipients! All of these deserving projects are receiving critical grant funding as a result of your generous donations to Community One Foundation. Read more and support these projects where you can! If you’d like to see more work like this supported in our community, please consider donating to Community One!

FOUNDATION GRANT (available for up to $7,500 and are open to registered charities or groups trusteed by a registered charity)

Bricks and Glitter is a community arts festival that provides a low barrier, intersectional space for celebrating  2SQTBIPOC+ talent, and building community capacity in arts and activism. In 2022, a three month workshop series will take place after a weekend of programming spanning Toronto to Peel region.  

🍄 MY MYCELIUM 🍄 is the theme for this year’s Bricks & Glitter Festival. Mycelium describes how mushrooms and fungus create organic networks in order to thrive. We’re thinking about roots, how everything is interconnected, and making space to learn, grow and exist in cycles. Our dream is to honour the legacy of Trans and Queer people in our communities. To find out more about this year’s festival, click here.

B&G was founded by community members who were under-represented and underserved by larger community celebrations, like Pride Toronto. The number of festival attendees has steadily increased each year, with many visitors citing the lack of accessible spaces in the city for large sections of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community- particularly for Black, Indigenous, and racialized people, trans, 2 Spirit, nonbinary and intersex communities, mad-identified, crip and disabled people, sex workers, etc. 

B&G continues to set the standard for accessible, community-responsive programming. B&G holds at least two community consultations per year, both in-person and online to establish its key access priorities every year, and to reaffirm its commitment to serving our communities. The format for this year’s festival will not only traverse audience and artist boundaries (both digitally and physically) but expand our profile within and beyond the GTHA. B&G is specifically interested in reaching young QTBIPOC artists outside downtown Toronto, such as QTBIPOC Sauga, who act as connectors to these locales.